Latinamor promotes the artisan design of Latin America, propagating a sustainable culture.

We give ourselves the task that each piece we deliver has an implicit story. We believe that all objects are loaded with meaning, which is why we strive to make our products special.

Latin Community

We work with indigenous communities such as Wixarikas and Rarámuris, as well as with groups in Oaxaca where women embroiderers apply ancient techniques to the textiles we sell. We maintain a respectful relationship with our business partners where we know and promote fair trade laws.

Likewise, we work with Mexican designers who implement the best practices in their projects, promoting constant training, continuous improvement in their practices and a work environment full of harmony and creativity.

Do you want to be part of Latinamor?

If you would like to promote your products in Latinamor, send us an email with the presentation of your brand where you include the principles and values that you practice.
We are excited to continue spreading the culture of Latin America and our artisan traditions with a contemporary touch to the world.
With Latin love,
Blanca Gomez

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