Top10 tendencias en la moda mexicana para 2022

Top 10 trends in Mexican fashion for 2022

Verónica Ruiz

The Mexican fashion industry is coming in strong this year 2022. From Yucatan and Oaxaca, to Northern Mexico, talent is moving to offer the world a variety of designs full of culture and tradition, adapted to modern life. Fresh and original proposals that enhance the beauty of our country at a global level. Today we share the 10 most important fashion trends for this year.

mexican roots

Textures, colors and beautiful embroidery full of life make us feel close to our roots and help us pay homage to the indigenous tradition of our region. Ultra-feminine vests, skirts and long dresses and blouses will turn heads this year. These beautiful garments help us proudly carry our cultural heritage and represent our Mexico wherever we go. Find beautiful dresses inspired by Mexican culture and crafts designed by Alberto Rodríguezhere.

tendencias de moda mexicana 2022 texturas y colores vestido Lydia Lavin

northern heart

Mexico is a multicultural country, and as such it has the opportunity to launch trends inspired by diverse customs and landscapes to the world. Mexican fashion brands have detected a great creative opportunity by drawing inspiration from the north of the country and this year northern hats, boots combined with fresh shirts and unique prints will be able to spread throughout the country and even the world, since international brands will also they are taking inspiration from the norteño style to launch new collections. A style similar to cowboy but with the Mexican stamp will be the sensation. Find your ideal hat and show your northern hearthere.

Tendencias de la moda meicana corazónnorteño 2022

Fringes and more fringes

The fringe touch will be present from hats, vests and jackets, but they can also be used to give a boho chic touch even to wedding dresses for the most daring and original girls. Fringes in all their versions from the old west style to dresses completely covered in fringes like in the 20s, and new ways of applying these details to our outfit are coming, such as glitter fringes, knitted tops with trim-style fringes or application of the macramé technique in garments..

tendencias moda mexicana 2022 flecos

Moving away from fast fashion

Little by little the market is changing and fashion consumers in Mexico are increasingly looking for more sustainable options for their closet. This year 2022, you will be able to see innovative slow fashion brands going strong by privileging the circular economy, artisanal and local manufacturing, fairer working conditions and organic fabrics, with low environmental impact and recycled materials. Even the big fast fashion brands will offer you more sustainable options.

tendencias moda mexicana 2022 mods sustentable slow fashion laguna collective

Reinventing the two thousand

Nostalgia does it again. The so-called Two K (first decade of the 2000s) have returned and the new generations take up the styles of the past to propose a new comfortable and informal look with more than a pinch of sensuality and liberation. A youthful and rebellious proposal. Wide pants, plush textures and denim outfits and plastic textures will be seen flooding the streets and social networks.

tendencias moda mexicana 2022 reinventando los dosmiles two-k pink magnolia

impact look

It's time to create an impact effect with your clothing and add a really striking touch to your look. Long square or V-shaped necklines that attract the eye are ideal this season both day and night, as well as full back necklines. Another way to create impact in your outfit is to resort to focal pieces in metallic tones, use shiny accessories or with bright applications and prints to turn any day into a special day. Looking for an impact dress Explore thea dress collection here.

tendencias moda mexicana 2022 escote en V pronunciado vestido Alberrto Rodríguez

love for color

Saturated and cheerful tones flood the catwalks, either in details to give a fun touch to your look, or in the complete outfit. Mexican pink, lilac, canary yellow, orange, red, turquoise and lime green are some shades that will come to dominate the runways of Mexican fashion. Using solid color blocks playing with contrasting combinations through layers, cuts and pleats will be the best way to rekindle our love for color this season.

tendencias moda mexicana 2022 color

rebel black

Black never goes out of style but always reinvents itself. Using black as the main color with a sad and rebellious air will be one of the ways in which, especially young people, decide to express their identity in Mexico and the world. Perhaps the last few years of chaos in our lives have led to this trend being characterized by the expression of humor and irony. This look is inspired by goth and a modernization of the emo subculture of years ago with a glam touch.

tendencias moda mexicana 2022 negro rebelde

minimalism reinvented

Minimal garments but with interesting silhouettes have flooded the catwalks. Renew a minimalist style with asymmetrical and unexpected cuts, which give it a sophisticated touch. Garments with minimalist cuts can be worn in any color, from the basics to the most intense colors such as yellow or pastel colors or use transparencies to give it an ethereal air.

tendencias moda mexicana 2022 minimalismo reinventado

maxi dresses

If living in the midst of a pandemic has taught us anything, it has been to prioritize a little more comfort when dressing. And it seems that this trend has arrived and we don't want to let it go, since the loose and comfortable pieces will remain in our closets. A nice way to go out comfortable this year will be with maxi dresses. Fresh fabrics with natural movement, as well as others with lace and transparencies. A loose fit gives this look the ultimate in comfort and a relaxed yet feminine touch.

tendencias moda mexicana 2022 maxivestidos

Mexican fashion is full of innovative proposals that adapt to modern life, enhancing the visual elements that our cultural richness offers us, and giving it a modern and elegant twist to continue moving Mexico. It only remains to know what will be the trend that will make you fall in love and fill your wardrobe this year.

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