Marisol González sigue deslumbrándonos 20 años después

Marisol González continues to dazzle us 20 years later

Verónica Ruiz

Recently the beautiful and charismaticMarisol Gonzalez, originally from Torreón Coahuila, has recalled on her social networks the moment in which she was crowned the most beautiful of our Aztec lands: Miss Mexico 2002, to later represent our country and praise the beauty and intelligence of Mexican women in the international pageant of Miss Universe.

A day like today but 𝟚𝟘 𝕒ñ𝕠𝕤 ago I was living this great adventure Today I am grateful to be able to continue fulfilling my dreams ✨


The beautiful host has shared with the media in past interviews how she won Miss Mexico and has highlighted that being herself and enjoying the moment was a key part of her victory. Something that is definitely good to remember and keep in mind when proposing a new challenge.

After her performance as Miss Mexico, she decided to study at the Televisa Artistic Education Center, once again fulfilling her dreams by becoming an actress participating in soap operas and television series, a commentator in various sporting events and finally a host. Currently, Marisol is recognized for being one of the most beloved hosts on national TV in the popular programToday, from Televisa.

In addition to remembering the moment she won Miss Mexico, on her Instagram account she also quoted the French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry to express how happy and satisfied she feels with each of her dreams fulfilled and how she has managed to lead the life she It has been proposed:"Make your life a dream and your dream a reality".

After the inspiring publication of the Mexican beauty queen, her followers did not hesitate to express their love for her in comments. There is no doubt that Marisol González is an inspiring woman who fills us with pride as Mexicans.

marisol gonzalez portando un bello vestido charro negro de alberto rodríguez

To celebrate national holidays, Marisol González has given us a photo shoot in which she wears a beautiful, elegant and seductive black corset dress inspired by the charrería tradition of the state of Jalisco.

An exclusive design by the high fashion designer from JaliscoAlberto Rodriguez. This majestic outfit takes us back to the music of the mariachi and the distinguished bearing of the Mexican woman.
marisol gonzalez bella con vestido negro de corset y escote 

Today Marisol González is getting ready for a new stage on television as host of the program¿who is the mask? where we can continue enjoying his charisma and charming presence.


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