Arte y cultura en Tototlán, Jalisco. Entrevista con Diego Rico

Art and culture in Tototlán, Jalisco. Interview with Diego Rico

Verónica Ruiz

Latinamor was present at the recent Fiestas de Mayo 2022 in Tototlán, Jalisco and we had the opportunity to celebrate with the community and the honor of speaking with the artist Diego Alejandro Rico, who is one of the greatest creative promoters in the region.

Diego has painted several murals in Tototlán embellishing its streets and has a wide artistic production in which fashion, nature and Mexican culture converge. Today we share a bit of this interview so you can get to know him a little more and join us in continuing to promote Latin talent.


- What inspires you to create and what do you like most about your worko?

It inspires me to believe in myself. I lasted so many years without believing in myself and without knowing who I was, without valuing myself and without doing things with love, that when I did it I said: I won't do it again if I don't feel this. Believing that I can do anything I set my mind to and that when this reaches society and is accepted, it multiplies even more.

- How do you not let yourself fall for the criticism and what they will say? 

I think I've been a little selfish. I accept that you have criticism but I also accept that I am a person who has mistakes. The more mistakes you make, the bigger you are. It has helped me a lot to learn from every mistake and from myself every time I make a mistake. I've reached an age where if it's not in my hands it doesn't bother me so much, I try to solve the situation and if it's not possible, I leave it to art or to God.

- At Latinamor we want to promote Mexican art, culture and design. How do you think Tototlán supports this or what do you think is needed to spread it more? 

I think that before they didn't support or value it so much, but I think that nowadays art and these kinds of activities have helped a lot of people. Perhaps if someone takes painting classes, it has helped their peace of mind and their health in situations like the ones we are experiencing today, in which many people have fallen into anxiety attacks, nervous breakdowns, depression. If you are thirsty and they give you a glass of water, you appreciate it. People have gradually embraced all this and have always supported what I have done. They have given themselves the time and the opportunity and they have always been very good to me.

- Of course, and when passing through the city you can already see your own style and you can be recognized by the different murals. Curiosity enters people to want to know more and want to get closer because beauty is recognized.

That's right, and it has also never been that I want to become a millionaire with this. What a father that you do something and give you something to eat, but people have seen that I have donated murals, donated classes and I am open to giving workshops. Then they see that not everything is about economics. I'm not going to give my work away either, I think little by little I've learned to value it, but also to share it.

- How do you think that we, the visitors and inhabitants, can support and spread the artists of Tototlán?n?

Sometimes because we are smaller communities, people here tend to be more shameful. I tell them that people cannot come to Tototlán and not see anything because we are nowhere, we do not have a museum, we are not exhibiting in the house of culture, nor do we have an art workshop. People are not going to knock on your door. But we do have to move social networks a lot and get closer to the house of culture. So in answer to your question, more than anything first let the people here know who paints, who sings. Invite people to open the doors. And then do this kind of thing: interviews, collaborations. Local consumption is the most important thing, it helps the artist and craftsman and gives movement to the product.

- And now what interesting projects are you up to?s?

In addition to painting, I started a flower project at home. It is not a typical professional flower shop with the usual flowers and square shapes. I was recently working in a club in Guadalajara with this project. Also, I have a door mural here in Tototlán for a restaurant and I have a big flower event coming up soon. But then I want to give myself a month for myself because I can't always be doing the same thing because it won't give me time to keep growing.

- You want to reinvent yourself then

Yes, my intention is never to be fashionable or trendy. Let it be something with essence.


We know you're going to go very far, Diego. You are a person who has all our admiration and respect and we are here to support you. Thank you very much for giving us a little piece of your time.


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