Marisol González continues to dazzle us 20 years later

Verónica Ruiz

Recently the beautiful and charismaticMarisol Gonzalez, originally from Torreón Coahuila, has recalled on her social networks the moment in which she was crowned the most beautiful of our Aztec lands: Miss Mexico 2002, to later represent our country and praise the beauty and intelligence of Mexican women in the international...

10 hats that will be the star accessory of your look this summer

Verónica Ruiz

Black combined with neutrals and textures To highlight your look 100%, this hat with a unique design will combine with any outfit, be it pants, a dress or a bikini. You can take it to a walk around town or a music festival and you will look spectacular.   of...

Art and culture in Tototlán, Jalisco. Interview with Diego Rico

Verónica Ruiz

Latinamor was present at the recent Fiestas de Mayo 2022 in Tototlán, Jalisco and we had the opportunity to celebrate with the community and the honor of speaking with the artist Diego Alejandro Rico, who is one of the greatest creative promoters in the region. Diego has painted several murals...

Get to know the main embroideries and textiles of 10 states of Mexico

Verónica Ruiz1 comment

The Mexican textile art of drawing with thread takes us back centuries of history and tradition. Thanks to the great variety of customs, landscapes and cosmogony, Mexico is one of the main exponents when we talk about weaving and embroidery. The pre-Hispanic past of the Mexican territory has a great...

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